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Ikki Tousen Nendroid Heads to Chinatown

If only Marvelous could make its profits run away like Kan-u.


Ikki Tousen Xross Impact has a limited edition which is formally known as the "New Limited Explosion Pack." Included in the pack are two Nendroid figures for character Kan-u Unchou, one in a schoolgirl outfit and one in a bathing suit.

It seems that the schoolgirl Kan-u just couldn't wait for Xross Impact's April 1 release date. Marvelous posted this picture at the game's official site today:

Yes, Kan-u has escaped from the confines of her LE. According to Marvelous, she's making her way to Yokohama's Chinatown, where she'll find...

For the answer, you'll have to visit the game's very, very NSFW official site, which now features the first in a three part series of four cell mangas. The first entry is titled "Kan-u and the Ticket Gate" and shows scenes like this:

Two more mangas will follow leading up to release. Perhaps schoolgirl Kan-u will be joined by bathing suit Kan-u at some point.

Incidentally, the Nendroid you get isn't actually as big as the one shown in those two pics. The official site makes sure to specify this. You wouldn't want someone to get the wrong idea, after all.

Also visit the site for a new play movie and updates to the character and system sections. But remember to shield your monitor first!

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