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Monster Hunter Frontier Online in Motion

Plus, a look at the bonus items, and some of the new monsters.


Wondering what all the fuss is about with regards to Monster Hunter Frontier Online's Xbox 360 debut? Then look no further than the retail promotional video Capcom shared today.

This three minute video begins with a look at the Monster Hunter Frontier world and locations, then moves on to some intense multiplayer monster battle sessions.

Stream it here:


Stick around through to the end for a look at the bonus items that will be included with the game's Beginners Package. This ¥6,090 pack is actually the only way the game will be sold on June 24. It includes a copy of the game, a month of free play time, a month of Xbox Live Gold service, and thirteen in-game items (see this story for the sticky situation regarding the game's subscription fees).

The items are shown here:

The weapon to the far right above the Poogie (the pig thing at the bottom) is actually a first run exclusive bonus item. It will only be included with the first print run.

The keyboard shown in the trailer isn't included in the bundle. Known as the "Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 Monster Hunter Frontier Online Special Edition," this keyboard peripheral will be released by Microsoft opposite the game on June 24 at the low price of ¥1,000.

What makes this a Monster Hunter keyboard? Not much, actually. The keyboard itself is the same. But the package is being specially designed for Frontier Online. The packaging will be revealed in early April.

Additionally, the keyboard will come with an event code which can be used to download a broad sword weapon that will not be available through other means.

It should be noted that, here in Japan, this is the first officially licensed Xbox 360 keyboard. Of course, pretty much any USB keyboard will work just fine with the system, so this isn't all that impressive.

Capcom also provided today the third entry in a series of looks at Frontier Online's new monsters, some of whom can be seen in the promotional video.

Note that these aren't "new" in the sense that they're original for the 360 version. They're new in the sense that they aren't in other entries in the series.

A few of the monsters are actually new for even PC owners, though, as they won't be added to the PC version of Frontier until the April "Season 8" update.

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