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Nintendo's New WiiWare Title Turns Your TV Into an Aquarium

Watch digital fish swim around on your TV. Or dive in and go for a swim.


Wii owners will have access to a new type of WiiWare download next week. Nintendo and developer Paon will be releasing "Aqua Living: The Fish You Can Watch On your TV" on March 2. Pricing is set at 800 WiiPoints.

As the title suggests, Aqua Living is a virtual aquarium program. You select an aquarium theme, set up its layout, and populate it with fish, then watch, learn, and interact.

There are eight aquarium themes: Black Light, Gold Fish, Guppy, Characiformes, Angel Fish, Arowana, Variety 1 and Variety 2. Between these, you'll find some 40 types of fish.

Your can edit the appearance of the aquarium by changing BGM, wallpaper, tank layout, and fish settings. For the fish, you can select the number and type of fish that you want. The aquarium layout is edited on a 2D overhead graph, where you position objects like stones, sticks, and even houses. BGM appears to be limited to seven preset songs along with an option to mute.

While viewing the aquarium, you can choose from various angles, and can even move the camera around the aquarium, zooming in and out and rotating the view. You can also set your focus on a particular fish, with the camera zooming up on a single fish and keeping its sights on it.

You can also go into the aquarium. The game includes a fish cam, where the camera follows a fish from behind as it swims around the aquarium. You can also send your Mii into the aquarium to swim around and explore. While in Mii mode, you can choose to feed your fish directly.

There's an educational component to the title. As you go out on dives, you can learn about fish habits and so forth. The game also includes an easily browsable fish guide.

Visit the official site for videos.

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