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Makoto Beats Up the Super Street Fighter IV Blog

Second of three Street Fighter III characters gets her time in the spotlight.


Following up on last week's look at Ibuki, the Super Street Fighter IV blog was updated today with a discussion about Makoto, the second of three Street Fighter III characters that are being added to the game. Given that Capcom shared screens and movies of Dudely with the media yesterday, I was expecting a look at that character. But oh well.

This week's update features, as usual, director Taisaku Okada. He's joined by a Mr. Tamamura, the battle planner for Makoto.

Okada said that the reason the character was added because of her popularity during her SFIII 3rd Strike days, a popularity that came from the uniqueness of her play style. Even during tournaments, she was frequently used.

The character is also popular amongst the Super staff, so they welcomed the addition. The Super staff actually played lots of SFIII, both through the home versions and even the arcade version. This was just for research though, Okada assured.

For her Super debut, Okada said that they've been able to replicate quite a bit of the character's play style, although he wouldn't go so far as to say that it's exactly replicated.

One thing he notes about the character is that although she looks like a small girl, she's extremely powerful. Her setting is of a karate girl with top class attack strength.

He also noted that while Makoto's normal movement speed is extremely slow, her dash speed is at the top class of all the other characters.

Makoto looks like she will be something completely new for Super, as Okada said he believes there's no similar character in the game, although there are some characters with similar moves.

He suggested using Akuma for an interesting fight against Makoto, as in some sense the fight outcome can be determined by who gets the first hit in.

As you can probably see, I've only summarized the surface details of the blog post, which is pretty technical this week. I'd suggest waiting for a full translation from the pros. I predict that such a translation to be posted at Shoryuken shortly.

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