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Namco Bandai Planning Ar Tonelico Fan Event

Secrets behind development of recently released PS3 entry promised. We hereby begin speculation of earth shattering announcements as well.


Ar Tonelico 3 hit the PS3 as one of the many RPGs of late Jaunary and early February. The hardcorest of Ar Tonelico fans have likely finished that title and are wondering what's next for the series.

The answer could be coming soon as Namco Bandai and Gust hold a Ar Tonelico fan appreciation event on the afternoon of March 21 at BelleSalle Akihabara (the same venue as the recent Xbox 360 Shooting Festa event).

Attendees can expect to hear secrets behind Ar Tonelico 3's development from a variety of guests, including director Akatsuki Tsuchiya (Gust), producer Atsunori Kawachi (Namco Bandai) and theme song vocalist Akiko Shikata.

The full name of this event is "Ar Tonelico Fan Appreciation Festival: Phase 2." This is the second installment of an event that was first held in October of last year. That event had a detailed look at Ar Tonelico 3 ahead of its release. You can see a full report at Dengeki.

So will we get some news on the future of the Ar Tonelico series? It should be noted that the official event page makes no allusion to new announcements. Of course, it still seems reasonable to expect something.

Admission to the event is free, but only 150 people will get invites. Applications are being accepted through March 8 at the event site.

Ar Tonelico 3 screenshots.

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