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WiiWare's Zombie Panic in Wonderland Dated

Marvelous kicks off localization experiment in a couple of weeks.


Marvelous Entertainment announced its plans to give Japanese releases to international WiiWare games early last month. Those plans got a bit more solid today with the announcement of the first release in the "World Game Parade" lineup.

And that first release is Zombie in Wonderland. Previously announced for March 2010, the game has now been finalized at March 16. Pricing is set at 800 WiiPoints.

Zombie in Wonderland is a third person shooter. Players move through 3D worlds, using the Wiimote to aim and fire at enemies. Overseas, the still unreleased game is known as Zombie Panic in Wonderland.

The World Game Parade lineup also includes Bitman (Bit Boy), Rakugaki Heroes (Max & the Magic Marker) and and Katamuki Spirits (Equilibrio). Bitman hits this month. The other two are due in April.

You can see video of Zombie in Wonderland at the World Game Parade official site along with some commentary from localization producer Louis Lamarre.

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