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Street Fighter IV National Tournament Goes Live

Capcom plans Nico Nico Video broadcast for April competition. Chun-Li approves.


Unable to make it out to Akihabara (or Japan) for the upcoming Street Fighter IV National Tournament? There are two reasons why you don't necessarily need to punch yourself in the balls repeatedly over this (you should do it at least once, though).

First off, even if you could go, you wouldn't be able to get a good spot in the main viewing area. Seats are being given out to 100 people via drawing, and the entry period for putting your name down ended on Wednesday.

Beyond this, it turns out that there's no need to travel anywhere for the event. The SFIV blog was updated today with word of a live broadcast of the tournament proceedings. The broadcast will take place via the Nico Nico Douga video sharing website.

What does Chun-Li think of this development?

It looks like this tournament will be a true show of top Street Fighter IV play. The blog also reveals that Iyo, who won last year with some fab Dhalsim play (see a report on last year's tournament here) will be taking part in the tournament.

What does Dhalsim think of this development?

Who will Iyo be paired with? This will be announced when Capcom announces members of the tournaments' Dream Team.

There's one bit of unfortunate news for tournament participants. This year, Capcom won't have Taito Nesys card systems at the venue. This means participants won't be able to save the fight to their cards.

What does Gouken think about this development?

This week's blog was all about the tournament. Console players should check back next week, as Nakky (assistant producer Natsuki Shiozawa, the blog's writer -- only I'm allowed to call her Nakky though!) promises an update about the console title, both at the blog and at the official site. This will take place on Thursday (3/11) instead of the usual Friday.

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