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First Turbo CD Games Hit PSN Next Week

Gate of Thunder on the way. Now where's my Ys?


Sony's Game Archives retro download service got its first PC Engine/Turbo Grafx games last year, but offerings have thus far been limited to "Turbo Chip" cartridge games. Of course, the real format of choice for serious PC Engine gamers was CD.

It looks like higher capacity games are at long last on the way. Sony's PSN schedule update today revealed a March 17 release for Gate of Thunder. The classic shooter, which launched with the Turbo Duo in America, will carry a price of ¥800 and will run on both PS3 and PSP.

The ¥800 price is ¥200 higher than current PC Engine cartridge titles. Currently, Hudson has 15 cartridge-based games available for download. You can see a full list at Hudson's PC Engine Archives info page.

Classic Super CD shooting comes to PSN.

This week is no slouch for Game Archive support either, although everything originates from PlayStation. As previously announced, D3 Publisher will be bringing its Simple 1500 series to the service through four titles: The Block Kuzushi, The Pachinko, The Bowling and The Sound Novel (yes, all Simple series games begin with "The"). These are priced at ¥300 each. The'll be joined by non-Simple titles Neorude, Family Gunjin Shogi and Puppet Zoo Pilomy, priced at ¥600 each.

The Sound Novel
The Pachinko
The Bowling
The Block Kuzushi
The Gunjin Shogi
Puppet Zoo Pilomy

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