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Super Street Fighter IV Chinese Food Collaborations Officially Announced

The answer is in the flavor!


Capcom made official announcement today of some promotional collaborations it has planned for Super Street Fighter IV. The announcements were previously mentioned in advance through the game's official blog, so fans may have heard about them already.

Similar to a promotion it held for Street Fighter IV's home release, Capcom will be teaming up with Chinese restaurant chains Wan Zhu Ji and Hong Hu Jiao Zi Fang for a campaign called "Saikyou no K.O. Corabo Meshi." The name translates to "Strongest K.O. Collaboration Meal."

The two chains will offer an original menu consisting of 10 items themed around eight characters from Super Street Fighter IV. The items will be available from April 7 through the end of May. Super sees PS3 and Xbox 360 release on April 28.

Those who place an order for one of the special dishes will get one of eight pin badges as a present. These will be given at random. Capcom staged a similar present campaign with the SFIV version of the promotion, involving character cards instead of badges.

So far, only three of the ten items have been revealed. Each item is associated with a character and has a catch phrase (which I've tried to translate here):

Ryu's Spicy Curry Noodles (Ryu)
"The answer is in the flavor!"
Red Tenshinhan (Chun-Li)
"I won't let you say that Kung-fu is insufficient." (I'm not sure about that Kung-fu part -- there may be some word play here that I'm totally missing.)
Large! Octopus and Squid Hearty Red Pepper Fried Noodles (T-Hawk)
"The warrior's body overflows with power."

As revealed at the Super SFIV blog yesterday, the campaign will kick off at the Wan Zhu Ji in Akihabara on April 4, the day of the SFIV national tournament.

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