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Date Set for Ys VS Legend of Heroes

Falcom's unexpected crossover action RPG combat game has a new name and a summer release date.


A few months after first announcing the game, Falcom has shared final release details on its unexpected pairing of the Ys and Sora no Kiseki (Legend of Heroes) series.

Originally known by the tentative name of "Ys VS Sora no Kiseki," the PSP crossover title is now known as "Ys VS Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga." A release is set for July 29, priced at ¥6,090.

Falcom will also offer the game as part of a bundle with a limited edition drama CD. This package will sell for ¥7,980.

Joining the release info, Falcom shared a few slightly more specific details on the game itself. Ys VS Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga will feature network-based cooperative and competitive multiplayer combat using characters from both RPG series. The game will make use of the Ys Seven battle system and will feature full voice.

With a release date now finalized, we can probably expect even more gameplay details to come.

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