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Square Enix Starts Work on Next Generation Engine

And guess whose pointy haired mug they're using to promote it?


Square Enix appears to have started work on a next generation game engine. And the image they've used to promote this fact is sure to draw some controversy.

Visit the the company's recruit page, and, as of March 9, you'll see this:

Above that little strip of Cloud Strife, the text reads "Seeking the highest level of talent," and in smaller characters, "New generation game engine development project starts."

The Japanese text in the large paragraph below Cloud notes that thanks to the appearance of the PS3 and Xbox 360, video game graphics and sound have seen dramatic increases. In the future, gaming visuals and sound could meet or even exceed movie quality, demanding a high level game development environment. To meet the quality demanded of games in the coming years while dealing with costs, game development environments will need not just "reforms," but "revolution."

"At Square Enix, in anticipation of the appearance of next generation platforms, we've started development on a new generation game engine for competing beyond the level of the strong developers throughout the world, and are presently seeking a lot of talent."

Positions include game engine system programmer, 3D graphics core programmer, online system programmer, Windows application programmer, rendering programmer, server/DB programmer, plug-in programmer, technical artist and technical writer. The system and core programmer all ask for PS3 and Xbox 360 development experience, with strong knowledge of SPUs. The online system programmer position asks for knowledge of large scale client programming of the type seen in MMOs. The positions are all based in Tokyo.

[Seen at Game Jouhou]

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