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Arc System Works Announces Kunio-kun Remake for DS

River City Soccer Hooligans coming to Japan too. Check out the first screens and video footage.


Arc System Works made formal announcement today of Kunio-kun no Chounekketsu! Soccer League Plus World Hyper Cup. The DS title was previously announced last month in America under the name River City Soccer Hooligans.

This latest entry in the Kuni-kun series is actually a remake a 1993 Famicom soccer title known as Kunio-kun no Nekketsu Soccer League. For the remake, Arc has updated the gameplay with new actions and four player wireless support. Visuals have been made 3D.

Joining the screenshots, Arc made available a trailer, which you can stream here.

Look for Kunio-kun's latest DS outing on May 27, priced at ¥4,179.

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