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Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Going Digital?

PSP go could at long last have its killer app.


Good news, PSP go players! It looks like you'll finally be able to play PSP's biggest game!

There are a few reports out there indicating that Capcom will at long last be releasing a downloadable version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. The game is scheduled for March 18 release at ¥1,600.

The source for these reports appears to be Capcom's download list. Unfortunately, Capcom deleted the listing before I was able to see it for myself.

A download version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G would make for a fine announcement for tonight's Monster Hunter Diary demo event. Earlier today, possible images and details began leaking out for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which would also presumably be announced at tonight's event.

The Capcom release list also apparently had God of War listed for ¥2,200 and Goku Makaimura Kai listed for ¥1,500, both for release on the 18th.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G's release as a download title would likely be a significant boost for the PSP go. Sony's download-only hardware has struggled here since release, consistently placing at the bottom of the weekly hardware charts even while the standard PSP-3000 system consistently places at top. A likely reason for this is the unavailability of download versions of such major titles as Monster Hunter, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and God Eater.

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