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Sony President Full of Thankful Feelings For Capcom

They saved the PSP, and now they could save the PSP go. You'd send flowers too.


It looks like that Monster Hunter Diary demo event isn't the only Monster Hunter-related event today. A few minutes ago, Gigazine was reporting live from a Monster Hunter new title announcement press conference, which is being held today at the Happo-en garden in central Tokyo.

The phrase "was reporting live" is important here. The press conference begins at 14:00, but Gigazine was told by Capcom staff that information from the event is being embargoed until 17:00. (Yes, it looks like information embargoes from press conferences is becoming more common).

Gigazine's coverage provides somewhat of a hint as to what we can expect, though:

Those flowers were sent to the event by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Shawn Layden. Sony apparently has much to be thankful for.

Perhaps this is a briefing where all those reports regarding Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and a downloadable Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G will be revealed to be more than just rumors?

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