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CyberConnect2 CEO Confirms Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Twitters are crossed.


Capcom announced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd at a Tokyo press conference today.

CyberConnect2 is about to announce a new DS title in this week's Famitsu.

What do these two announcements have in common? For that, we turn to CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama's Twitter. Matsuyama posted the following during the Monster Hunter press conference:

(It says "It's the Monhan P3rd Announcement. Looks interesting!")

For some reason, Matsuyama was at the conference. In a prior Tweet, he says that he was invited by Capcom, and flew all the way over from southernly Fukuoka today to attend.

He apparently decided to ignore Capcom's warnings about not sharing any information from the press conference until 17:00. Of course, that warning was probably only given to press.

So, in this new world of Tweets, it looks like first official confirmation of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has come our way from the CEO of CyberConnect2.

It's unclear why Matsuyama was in attendance at the Capcom press conference.

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