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These are your Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Character Posters

Plus, what does a 1,000 piece Peace Walker jigsaw puzzle look like?


Kojima Productions has been providing a sneak peak at its Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker promotional plans at the studio's official blog. Today, we got a look at the game's posters.

You're looking at 10 posters lined up side-by-side. Konami is giving 10 characters their very own poster to help promote the game at retail later this month. Here are some closeups:

In previous posts, the blog also provided a look at an ad that appeared in last week's Famitsu:

Famitsu publisher Enterbrain gets a special Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker bundle to sell via its Ebiten online sales site. As detailed last month, this includes a "Love and Piece" jigsaw puzzle and a "Peace Water" water bottle.

Here's a close-up look at the water bottle:

And this is what a 1,000 piece Peace Walker jigsaw puzzle looks like:

So much yellow... how in the world are you going to assemble the lower right without lots and lots of trial and error?

The jigsaw puzzle actually comes in a box. Not just any box -- a recreation of the camouflage box that Snake carries around with him. Unfortunately, the blog doesn't provide a look at this.

I have no idea...

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