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Capcom Formally Announces Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

New title features new village, new fields, new monsters, and new Felyne system.


Following a spate of leaks, Capcom formally announced Monster Hunter Portable 3rd today. PSP owners can look forward to this true sequel to super hit Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G towards the end of 2010.

The Japanese-style clothing for the characters leaked out from Famitsu earlier in the day.

The announcement came during a Tokyo press conference that featured appearances by key Capcom and Sony personnel. Greeting the audience, Capcom CEO Haruhiro Tsujimoto said, "We released the first entry in this series on PlayStation 2 on March 11, 2004. We are grateful that it has been well received by such a large number of people. Among the titles, Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, released on March 27, 2008, is still being purchased, and we aim for total 4 million shipments by the end of March."

A trailer for 3rd followed. Capcom was good enough to post the trailer to its newly opened YouTube channel, and also distributed it to the attending press. You can view it here:


The trailer shows many of the features that were leaked out in advance of the press conference, including the Japanese-influenced Yukumo Village, which serves as the game's main base, and a new sauna facility. The latter half of the trailer focuses on the various mosnters you'll encounter in the new game and the weapons you'll use to defeat them.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto took the stage to provide a few additional details. "It's been around two years since the last title," said Tsujimoto. "We're at long last able to detail this game to you. We're working hard to add new surprises without loosing the play feel of the series."

He made note of some of the features hinted at by the trailer, including new types of fields, new monsters, and the new Yukumo Village, which he described as being more full of color than past Monster Hunter villages.

Tsujimoto got into specifics on only one area of the game, the updated Felyne Comrade system (Otomo Airu in the Japanese Monster Hunter world). In Portable 2nd G, a Felyne Comrade accompanied you on your hunts, In 3rd, you'll be able to take two Felynes out with you, something that Tsujimoto said would add to the strategy. Also new for MHP 3rd, is the ability to customize the Felyne with weapons and armor. Tsujimoto promised a large number of possibilities for this.

Closing off the presentation, Tsujimoto made mention of new communication features and new "elements to make hunting fun." Famitsu has a full look at the game this week, so those with access to the magazine should check it out.

Also in attendance at today's event was Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Kaz Hirai. "This is the first time I saw the promotion video," said Hirai. "I was able to feel the new world setting, different from past entries in the series, and am sure that it is truly a big surprise for fans throughout the world. I have a 16-year-old son who pressured me daily by asking 'Dad, when will a PlayStation Version come out?' Of course, this is a trade secret, so I couldn't tell him. But I'm pleased that I can return home today and at long last give him the news."

Hirai also promised to work with Capcom to cause a movement bigger than that of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G later this year.

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