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CyberConnect2 Unveils Solarobo

Dogs, cats and mechs in the new game from the .hack and Naruto studio.


The identity of CyberConnect2's mystery DS title was revealed in advanced today via the usual Famitsu leaks. Namco Bandai will be publishing the CyberConnect2-developed Solarobo for release in 2010.

Solarobo, fully "Solarobo Sore Kara Coda E" (roughly, "And Then To Coda"), is an original fully 3D RPG that has been in the planning for ten years and in development for three years. The game promises an epic human drama and a sci-fi theme featuring robots, or, as they're known in the game, "robos."

"Human" drama may not be the correct phrase here. Solarobo is set on the floating island world of the Shepherd Republic. This world has two races, Inubito and Nekobito. The names can be translated to "Dog People" and "Cat People." The characters shown in the Famitsu artwork have the cat and dog faces to match the names.

You play as Red Savarin, a 17-year-old Inubito. The story kicks off when Red meets Ell Melizee, a mysterious Nekobito. Red and his younger sister, the 13-year-old Chocolat Gelato, will travel together through the game.

Red has a mech called Dahak-AZ103. For the most part, you'll be exploring the game's towns and dungeons while riding Dehak. You can use the Dehak to do such things as grab enemies, pick up crates, catch and toss back missiles at enemies, and toss treasure boxes to break them open.

The mech can't go everywhere, though. Sometimes, you'll have to leave the protection of Dehak and explore on foot. Red is quite capable on his own, can can break objects, climb ladders, control switches, swim, and even battle enemies with his combination gun and sword.

Although Solarobo is just being announced today, we've actually been looking at it for quite a while now. For the past few years, CyberConnect2 has been promoting a mysterious new title at its official site through the following artwork:

That's artwork from the new game. The Famitsu story has artwork from a similar city scape. The old teaser site showing the artwork now bounces to the new countdown teaser site that CyberConnect2 opened late last week.

The artwork shown in Famitsu is all hand drawn. This appears to be one of the themes for the game's visual style. The game's opening animation will use animation from animation studio Mad House.

There seems to be quite a bit more to Solarobo than what's mentioned in the Famitsu article. The game info box that accompanies all Famitsu previews mentions four player multiplayer along with support for Nintendo's Wi-Fi connection service.

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