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McDonalds Uses DS To Train Part Time Workers

Company expects to cut training time down in half through new DS-based training program.

McDonalds expands its DS ties beyond the current Nintendo Zone service.

The DS already has a strong presence in McDonalds via the Nintendo Zone service, which allows patrons to download demos, information and other exclusive content to their DS systems. Now the system will be expanding to the other side of the counter.

Nikkei reports today that McDonalds Japan will begin using the DS as an employee training tool later this year. The chain is developing a DS training program called "eSmart." New part time employees will train through this software.

The chain plans on placing around two DS systems in all its restaurants throughout the nation. As of the end of February, this comes to around 3,700 shops.

Excluding the cost of software development, the program's cost will come to around 200 million yen.

Using the new DS software, McDonalds believes it can cut training time by half over conventional methods, in part due of the familiarity of the DS system. It hopes to quickly get new employees out on the floor.

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