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DS Tops 30 Million Sold

New Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon inching towards six million units.


This was pretty much expected for anyone who's been watching the weekly hardware charts, but the DS officially crossed the 30 million sold mark last week. Famitsu.com reported the milestone citing data from parent company Enterbrain.

Enterbrain's tracking period for last week ended on the 21st. Over the 277 week period covering the original DS's December 2, 2004 launch, through March 21, 2010, Nintendo has sold 30,030,434 DS branded systems. The Famitsu.com story did not provide breakdowns between the DS, DS Lite, DSi and DS XL variations.

Included in Famitsu.com's report was a list of the top three best selling DS titles to date. All three have crossed the five million mark. Topping the list is New Super Mario Bros., with 5,767,262 units. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl falls just slightly behind, at 5,766,571 units. In third is Animal Crossing, with 5,133,862 units.

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