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All About Love Plus+

Four gigs of love, hair cuts, and real time vacations for two.


And just like that, the DS has its third four gigabit cartridge. Konami's Love Plus + will be joining Level-5's Ni no Kuni and Konami's own Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story in the high capacity cartridge club, producer Akari Uchida revealed in a Famitsu interview this week.

Four gigabits is twice the capacity of the cart used for the original Love PLus. Apparently, the staff had to consult with Nintendo in order to get such a high capacity cartridge.

What's particularly impressive about this is that Love Plus + isn't even a sequel to Love Plus. It's just an "evolved version" that adds new content -- apparently a good amount of new content, as indicated by Famitsu's lengthy feature on the game this week.

For those without access to Famitsu, the magazine's online counterpart has a full article up with lots of screenshots and artwork. Most of the details on the game were revealed by Uchida in an interview featured in the magazine, though, so here's a recap of that.

Love Plus + includes all the content of the original Love Plus. To this, it adds new events, clothing and hair style for the heroines, Nene, Manaka and Rinko.

There's a greater number of school-based events, owing to the fact that you spend much of your time in school. In the Famitsu.com screens, you can see one such event, showing Nene in her swimsuit by the school pool.

Many of the new events have a summer theme. There's a reason for this. The big new feature for Love Plus + is the ability to take overnight vacations with the girls.

While the rest of the game is split into morning, afternoon, evening and night phases, these overnight trips run in full real time. That's right! You can spend a full weekend of your life -- your real life -- with one of the girls if you like!

Uchida promises that the real time play will keep you busy. You'll encounter a packed event schedule during the day. At night, the girls will ask you such things as "Who will turn out the light?" which Uchida said should make players get that "doki doki" feeling (that's the sound of your heart beating when you're nervous).

Two days and one night will be the limit for this part of the game. While Uchida said that the game systems could go on beyond it, there was concern about the player.

So where exactly will you be heading with the girls? The Famitsu article has screens suggesting trips out to the countryside and a cruise. But Uchida would not share specifics. However, he said that they'll be trying their best to include real names for real places.

One possibility brought up by Famitsu is for players to actually go to the locations in question to experience their virtual date. "This would also be an extremely interesting way to play," Uchida acknowledged.

Love Plus players will notice that the girls have short hair in the Famitsu.com screenshots. The hair is new for Love Plus + and is also part of the overnight trip feature. The girls will get their hair cut when you go on your first trip together.

Other updates mentioned in the Famitsu interview include an improved "Love Plus Mode." This mode, which uses the DS's sleep mode, lets you easily watch and speak with (literally speak with -- it has mic support) the girls throughout the day. For Love Plus +, the times of the day have been split more finely, so you can be assured that each time you open up the DS you'll see a different reaction from the girls. The mode will feature far greater gestures and conversation patterns compared to the original, along with improved mini games.

Those with the original Love Plus are being encouraged to upgrade to the new one. You'll be able to import your profile, gallery and play data. There will be some additional bonuses for those who worked through the original, including a special illustration gallery featuring promotional illustrations from magazines and retail.

Of course, there's another good reason to pick up the followup, especially if you don't have a DSi XL yet. See this story for a first look at the special DSi XL systems (that's plural!) Konami is preparing for the game.

Look for Love Plus + this summer for ¥4,800 The game will be fighting with Tokimeki Memorial and Ni no Kuni for the honor of being the first 4 gigabit DS cart, and for your heart.

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