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Street Fighter IV Champs Get Gold Gloves

Not as useful as an Xbox 360 and copy of Super SFIV, but far more collectable.


This year's Street Fighter IV arcade tournament is fast approaching. April 4 is the big day where Capcom will crown the new SFIV champ [begin_speculation]and also announce an arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV[/end_speculation].

Last year's tournament winner walked away with an Xbox 360 system, a copy of Street Fighter IV's home version, and a Hori arcade stick. You can the prizes being handed out here.

This year, Capcom has readied something far less useful, but far more collectable:

The winning team will get a pair of full-sized gold gloves:

Second place will get a single mini silver glove Third place gets a mini bronze glove. That's right -- just one.

The text at the bottom of the gloves say, respectively, champion, runner up and third place.

Unlike last year's event, this year's event has "Xbox 360 x Capcom Presents" in the actual event name. I'm going to speculate that Microsoft will be throwing in some additional prizes as a surprise -- but, this is just my speculation.

You can find more details on the tournament, along with some extremely creepy character animations at the official event page.

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