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Kasumi, Hitomi Appear on Bijin Tokei

Second Bijin Tokei story in less than a month!


I never thought I'd get to write about Bijin Tokei on my site. And here I am, writing about it twice!

Japanese for "Beauty Clock," Bijin Tokei is a unique digital clock app for your iPhone. Instead of minute and hour hands, the clock shows a picture of a girl holding a placard with the current time. The image is updated every minute with a new girl.

Most Bijin Tokei images are shot by Bijin Tokei staff on the streets of Tokyo. But recently, we've been seeing some tie-ups with the game industry.

Sega collaborated with Bijin Tokei to place Yakuza 4 hostess girls on the clock just ahead of the game's release.

Today's tie-up concerns Dead or Alive Paradise. From April 1 through April 30, Kasumi and Hitomi will lend their likeness to Bijin Tokei. They'll each appear 10 times throughout the day.

Tecmo has readied five pictures of each girl. The images were apparently created by the character designer just for this promotion.

No hints here! The signs say you'll have to figure out for yourself when the girls appear.

Those without iPhone access can visit the Bijin Tokei official site for a look.

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