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Media Create Sales Chart Updated

Fist of the North Star and Yakuza take the top spots. Prinny lets Nippon Ichi down.

Fist of the North Star tops the Media Create charts too.

The rankings page has been updated with Media Create's sales data covering March 22 through March 28.

Similar to the earlier Enterbrain data, PS3's Fist of the North Star Musou topped the charts. The 360 version of the game placed 7th. Now that we have numbers, we can see that the PS3 version outsold the 360 version 12 to 1.

Yakuza 4 sold an additional 80,000 units over the week, giving it second place and bringing it closer to the 500,000 mark. Shipments have already crossed this, Sega announced last week.

Friend Collection reached a major milestone this week. Sales of 44,000 units took it above the 3 million mark. The game has been selling consistently since its release in June of last year.

This week had a few possible PSP bombs. Nippon Ichi's Prinny 2 debuted down at 25, followed by a couple of anime and manga-based titles from D3 Publisher and Kadokawa Shoten.

See the full Media Create software chart here. Hardware sales will be released later in the week.

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