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Level-5 CEO Hints at Ni no Kuni Press Conference

Date finalized internally for press conference exclusively covering Studio Ghibli tie-up. Can we expect a release date soon?

Ni no Kuni already looked and sounded fantastic last year. Will it end up being the DS's first 4 gigabit cartridge?

As detailed in this week's Famitsu, Level-5's Studio Ghibli tie-up RPG Ni no Kuni is one of Japan's most wanted original titles -- second only to NieR. But there's cause for concern, as despite a planned Spring release, we haven't heard anything about the game since last year.

The wait may at long last be over. Via his Twitter yesterday, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino said a date has been finalized internally for a Ni no Kuni exclusive press conference of some form. "It looks like we'll soon be able to announce a variety of enjoyable things," he wrote.

In a later post, he assured that none of his posts were April Fools' Day jokes.

So far, Ni no Kuni's appearances at press conferences have been limited to the past two yearly Level-5 Vision events. The game was put on playable display at last year's Level-5 Vision, a month before a demo cart was distributed to the masses (well, some of the masses, anyway) at the Tokyo Game Show.

A press conference exclusively covering Ni no Kuni could be a completion ceremony, an event that's often held just prior to the release of major titles (like last year's Professor Layton event). Hino did not specify the type of press conference.

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