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Followars Followup

A few more details on Japan's first iPad game.


Marvelous has made a more general announcement of Followars following a few hours of exclusivity in Famitsu and at Famitsu.com. This means some additional details on the unique iPad title.

As previously revealed, Followars is an original iPad battle game designed and developed by Route24's Kenichi Nishi. Marvelous Entertainment will publish the game, and says that it is the first iPad title from a Japanese publisher.

Followars links up with your Twitter account to create party members for battle. You can call up to two of your followers into battle simultaneously with you. The game creates their in-game counterparts, setting battle parameters based off such information as follower count and Tweet count. Based off the screenshots, the design for the in-game characters appears to simply combine your Twitter avatar image with arms and legs.

Details on the battle system are scarce at present, but it seems that battle will for the most part progress automatically. You will have some control, though. A battle screenshot shows a big red circle above the action. When this lights up, you can tap it to send out a special attack. The game will also apparently display your Tweets directly on the battle field, although it's unclear how this will be used.

Some have referred to Followars as an RPG, but it seems more accurate to refer to it as a battle game. According to 4gamer, the game will initially have no single player component. You'll have to play multiplayer, with each player on opposite sides of the iPad device.

While Marvelous said earlier this month that it's planning on making Followars into a launch title. Marvelous has yet to set a release date and price for the game, so it presumably will not make the US iPad launch this Saturday. The iPad's Japanese launch is scheduled for later this month.

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