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Visit the Star Viewing Tower at The Last Story Blog

Nintendo continues to intrigue with high level world details.

Who are those two mysterious characters?

Nintendo seems to be picking up the pace with The Last Story developer blog updates. And the posts could be getting a bit more specific.

Following a post earlier this week about water elements and sound effects, a post titled "Hoshimi no Tou" hit the blog today.

Hoshimi no Tou, literally "Star Viewing Tower," is an actual location in the world of The Last Story. Write's the game's producer, on The Last Story's primary setting of Ruli Island, Hoshimi no Tou is a tower from which the stars appear more beautiful. People look up at the stars from this tower, point to their guardian star, and speak.

The game's director describes one particular meeting at the tower. Two characters meet and speak about their dreams. "In this place that's sacred to the Arganan Family, their hearts touch for just a moment."

"The girl" whistles a song whose words she's forgotten, writes the director, a melody about people torn apart that has been handed down in her family.

Both characters lost their parents in their youth, but were able to survive even when surrounded by wars and power struggles. They both have difficult memories, but with time these memories turn into kindness.

"Everyone has a place that is special to them," writes the producer to close off the blog post. "For 'her,' this Hoshimi no Tou appears to be an extremely important place."

So who is the mystery girl, and who is the person she's with at the tower?

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