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Love Plus Set for iPhone and iPad

Konami expands popular love sim series beyond DS. GPS-based dates coming via Summer update.


Konami will be expanding its Love Plus love simulation series to the iPhone. The company announced today three iPhone apps themed around the series.

Love Plus iM, Love Plus iR and Love Plus iN will hit the AppStore tomorrow (4/5) at ¥600 each. These apps contain one girl from the DS Love Plus game, respectively Manaka Takane, Rinko Kobayakawa and Nene Anegasaki.

Each app starts off with three areas of use. A clock feature has the girls read the time to you when you tap the screen, with their voice changing based off the time and season. A calendar feature displays the date and can also be used as a scheduler. Fans of the series will most appreciate the AR (augmented reality) camera, which frames pictures to make it look like you've taken a picture with the girls.

Konami promises to add features through future updates. A Spring update will add a voice alarm clock, communication events that are linked up with the calendar, the ability to synchronize the calendar with internet schedulers, and compatibility with the Love Plus Map service. Summer will see the addition of a GPS-powered "real date" feature, and improved compatibility with iPad.

See 4gamer for screens of the app in use.

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