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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Release Confirmed

Capcom makes formal announcement of an arcade release at Sagat-heavy tournament for original arcade SFIV.

In addition to the tournament, Capcom provided press with a first look at the anime that will be included with Super's Xbox 360 release.

After months of teasing at the Super Street Fighter IV official blog, Capcom has confirmed an arcade release for the updated fighter.

The announcement came at the Street Fighter IV national tournament, which was held on Saturday afternoon at the Belle Salle event space in Akihabara. Series producer Yoshinori Ono took the stage following the tournament (see below) and revealed that Capcom has decided to develop an arcade version of Super.

Ono said to the hardcore fighting fans in attendance, "Your voice has at last been heard," and promised to deliver a product that "does not let the support of everyone go to waste."

An arcade release for Super has been brought up frequently at the official blog, often in reader Q&A sessions. In her answers, Assistant Producer Natsuki Shiozawa never ruled out the possibility, instead stating that the development staff was working to make it a reality.

In the build up to the tournament, the blog mentioned a surprise announcement for the event. The arcade version was presumably that announcement.

Unfortunately, Ono did not specify a release time frame or other specifics about the arcade version. Following the tournament, Capcom updated the SFIV official site with teaser notice of the announcement. This also made no mention of a release time frame.

Super's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are due out worldwide later this month, with the Japanese versions arriving on April 28.

Outside of the arcade version announcement at the tournament's end, Capcom held a stage event following the tournament's opening ceremony. Impress Watch has details along with pictures.

During the stage event, Ono took the stage and gave preview of Super Street Fighter IV, which also made its playable debut in the event lobby area with all 35 characters unlocked. Along with a promotional video showing all 35 characters, Ono commented about some of the newcomer fighters, stating of Hakan that he wanted to put an unrefined or rough fighter in the game, and of Juri that he believed the character would be good for beginner players.

Eri Kitamura, Hiroki Yasumoto, Mie Sonozaki, voice actors of respectively Juri, Guile and Viper, appeared for a talk event. Yasumoto spoke about how he began playing the series from when he was a second grader, and shared his memories running all the way back to the original arcade Street Fighter.

The voice actors took part in a tournament using the iPhone/iPod Touch version of Street Fighter IV. Kitamura beat Ono for the title of this mini tournament, and received an iPhone with SFIV pre-installed.

Ono also provided a full introduction to this year's Chinese food collaboration. As previously announced, Capcom will be promoting Super Street Fighter IV's release via a collaboration with a Chinese restaurant chain, similar to a promotion it held last year. The menu was partially unveiled at the official blog a few weeks back. At the tournament, Ono unveiled the full menu:

  • Ryu's curry noodles
  • Chun-Li's Red Tenshinhan
  • Chun-Li's White Tenshinhan
  • T.Hawk's octopus and squid chili fried noodles
  • Ibuki's potato and pork noodles
  • Juri's spicy Korean rice
  • Viper's sparerib rice
  • Guile's fish and noodles
  • M.Bison's Black Fried Rice
  • M.Bison's Dark Chicken

(Note: in most cases, the the above names are just approximations.)

Images from the Chinese food collaboration.

Famitsu.com has a more complete report on the items from a press sampling event that followed the tournament.

The Famitsu report also has a look at the original anime that will be included with the Xbox 360 version of Super. This was aired at the sampling event. As previously detailed, this anime focuses on Juri, revealing why Super's main character ended up joining the fight.

The main tournament started after the first special stage. The fighter count came to 14 teams of three, or 42 players total. This included regional winners, same day qualifiers, two "Dream Team" teams, and last year's winning team "Boya Dojo" (last year's play was solo, so this team actually consisted of last year's winner, Iyo, and two other players).

Impress Watch reports an abundance of Sagat players, with many Vega, Akuma and Rufus players as well. Tournament rules prevented team members from using the same character.

Kyushu's Okozukai 2000 Yen, consisting of Rufus, Sagat and Akuma, ended up winning the tournament, beating out Kansai's Kaiser Phoenix, consisting of Vega, Rufus and Sagat. Tohoku's HEELS, consisting of E.Honda, Sagat and Akuma, took third place.

In addition to these gloves, Impress reports that the winning team was given copies of Super SFIV.

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