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Etrian Odyssey III Tops the Enterbrain Charts

Delayed DS RPG pushes Fist of the North Star from top and also holds off this year's baseball releases.

Etrian Odyssey III adds new sea-based play to the DS RPG series.

Atlus had some delays in getting Etrian Odyssey III out, but it all seems to have worked out in the end as the game took the top spot in its first week of sales.

Famitsu.com passed along Enterbrain's early sales data for March 29 through April 4 today. The Atlus DS RPG sequel, which adds a new sea-going component to the 3D dungeon crawling of past entries, pushed PS3's Fist of the North Star Musou from the top slot. It also beat the PS3 and PSP versions of this year's installment of Pro Baseball Spirits, both of which debuted on April 1.

Here's the full Enterbrain chart for the week:

  • 1. Etrian Odyssey III (Atlus, DS)
  • 2. Fist of the North Star Musou (Koei, PS3)
  • 3. Pro Baseball Spirits 2010 (Konami, PS3)
  • 4. Pro Baseball Spirits 2010 (Konami, PSP)
  • 5. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Nintendo, Wii)
  • 6. Friend Collection (Nintendo, DS)
  • 7. Yakuza 4 (Sega, PS3)
  • 8. Dead or Alive Paradise (Tecmo Koei Games, PSP)
  • 9. Pokemon Ranger Path of Light (Pokemon, DS)
  • 10. Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo, Wii)

Check out Dead or Alive Paradise, published under the new "Tecmo Koei Games" label.

Actual sales numbers from Enterbrain will be officially released next Thursday. Media Create will have its own top 10 numbers in its sales report later this week. As always, this will be posted at the andriasang.com ranking page.

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