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PS3, PSP Top the Hardware Charts

Digital baseball gamers make the switch to PSP this year.

Yakuza 4's create-a-fighter mode. The latest PS3 version is the fastest Yakuza game to reach the half million mark.

Sony continues to dominate both in consoles and portables. Media Create's hardware chart for March 29 through April 4 have PS3 and PSP on top, beating Wii and the array of DS systems.

Here's the full hardware chart, with last week's sales in parenthesis for reference.

  • PS3: 38,877 (50,448)
  • PSP: 37,445 (46,449)
  • Wii: 30,938 (36,849)
  • DSi LL: 21,583 (23,188)
  • DSi: 15,526 (17,376)
  • DS Lite: 4,110 (4,995)
  • Xbox 360: 2,676 (3,002)
  • PS2: 1,815 (1,785)
  • PSP go: 1,803 (1,874)

Despite top placement, it looks like PS3 is coming down some from the highs experienced following the back-to-back releases of Yakuza 4 and Fist of the North Star Musou. Those titles placed number one in their respective first weeks.

In addition to the hardware chart, Media Create's rankings page was accompanied by the usual full top 50 software chart and some software analysis.

The top 50 shows a couple of first week bombs. The PS3 version of Tecmo Koei's Winning Post World 2010 debuted at 32. The Xbox 360, PS2 and Wii versions did not place in the top 50.

Below that, Taito's Pet Shop Story DS 2 debuted down at 42.

Winning Post World 2010.

Media Create provided some comparative stats for this week's top placer, Etrian Odyssey III. Its 88,000 units sold represented a sell-through of 75% of stock. The game seems to be outperforming its predecessor. Etrian Odyssey 2, released in February 2008, sold 69,000 in its first week.

This year's lineup of Pro Baseball Sprits titles, with 129,000 units sold across PS3, PSP and PS2, remained level with last year's 124,000 units. The PS3 version, at 57,000 units and 58% sell-through, is down some from last year's 74,000 units. The PS2 version, at 21,000 units, is also down from last year's 50,000 units. The PSP makes up for the difference. This is the first time the Spirits series has appeared on the PSP.

Yakuza 4 topped the 500,000 mark in Media Create's charts this week. This is the fastest a Yakuza game has reached the half million mark, Media Create reports.

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