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The Last Story Development in Final Stages -- Sakaguchi

Producer attributes sleeping trouble to tension as Wii RPG nears completion.

An old teaser image from The Last Story blog.

Nintendo hasn't given The Last Story's development blog its weekly update yet. No need for that, though, when Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi is willing to give us tiny updates on the game via the Mistwalker blog.

In a post titled "Tokyo" today, Sakaguchi wrote, "Recently, I often end up waking up at 5:00. Is it jet lag? Or am I on edge because LS is approaching completion?"

Sakaguchi usually makes his posts from his home in Hawaii. It looks like he's in Tokyo at the moment, which would explain the comment about jet lag.

Following a couple of images of Tokyo's skyline, he wrote, "Last Story's development is at long last in the final stages. The feeling of tension is pleasant."

Maybe Nintendo will at long last share some screenshots.

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