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Xenoblade's Characters Revealed

New details surface on the original Wii RPG from the makers of Xenosaga.

Shulk (center) holds the Monado sword as an unannounced character follows.

The pieces are starting to fall into place for Xenoblade, the original Wii RPG from the makers of Xenosaga that was previously known as "Monado." Following a couple of trailers and some sparse official site updates, Nintendo gave Famitsu the full scoop on the game this week, with new character, world and story details.

Here's the primary cast of characters and their background stories:

The main character, an orphan. He's shown holding a book, suggesting that he may be a big fan of literature. Shulk heads off on a journey with his friends to defeat the Kishin troops who attacked his village. Race: Homs, Age: 18, Height: 171cm, Voice: Shintaro Asanuma
The heroine. She looks after others and is very active. She's the childhood friend of Shulk and little sister of Dunban (below). Race: Homs, Age: 18, Height: 160cm, Voice: Eri Nakao
Hero of the Homs people, he used the Monado sword and defeated many Kishin army troops. He was injured during a major confrontation 1 year back and is now healing. Race: Homs, Age: 30, Height 180cm, Voice: Ryo Horikawa
Dunban's war friend from a long time back. He watches over Shulk like a parent. Race: Homs, Age: 44, Height: 181cm, Voice: Tsuyoshi Koyama
A warrior of great skill. He once fought Dunban for the right to be the person who would use Monado. Race: Homs, Age: 30, Height: 195cm, Voice: Norio Wakamoto

The magazine also got some additional details on the Monado sword we keep hearing about. This sword is an artifact that was left to the Homs race. It's capable of piercing the strong armor of the Kishin troops, but it's such a great burden on the body that it is said only the hero Dunban can wield it.

In the trailer that was released last week, Dunban was shown in bed recovering from his injuries from the prior year's confrontation. Famitsu has images showing this confrontation, with Dunban wielding the giant Monado sword on the battle field in a fight against Kishin troops. It seems that the Monado Sword is the Homs Race only hope against the Kishin attackers.

This confrontation has a lengthy background story listed in the magazine, so it could be a major event in Xenoblade's story.

The magazine also provided a preview of some of its future coverage, revealing a couple of additional gameplay and world details.

Xenoblade's world will have a time cycle. Screenshots show the same area during different times of the day, one with a setting sun turning the sky orange and yellow. Perhaps there will be some gameplay connection to the time system? That's what Famitsu asks, and when they ask questions like that the answer is usually yes.

The Famitsu article shows this scene at two different times of day.

There's also one secret with the Monado sword. Look closely at the sword, and you'll see a blue circle near its handle. A screenshot shows the circle imprinted with the kanji for "機" (ki). The magazine probably wouldn't have brought this up if it weren't relevant to the game, so expect to hear more about this part of the sword.

Nintendo will hopefully update the official site with all this information and the screenshots later this week.

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