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Date Set For Love Plus+

Updated girlfriend simulator has a new "rest" mode.


Konami set a final release date today for LovePlus+. The updated girlfriend simulator will arrive on June 24. Pricing remains the previously announced ¥4,800.

In addition to the standard software-only version of the game, Konami will be releasing three bundles that combine the game with a special DSi LL based off the girl of your choice. Pricing for the bundles has yet to be set.

As previously detailed, LovePlus+ is an update, rather than a sequel, to the original LovePlus. The game retains the same cast of three girls, Manaka, Rinko and Nene, but adds new clothing, new hair styles, new events and other new features. There's enough new content to double the cart size to four gigabits.

Famitsu.com and its print counterpart scored some additional details and screenshots for the game.

As a new feature, LovePlus+ lets you head out on overnight vacations with your girlfriend. These are played in real time and will take you to real locations, including the hot beach spot of Atami. The actual happenings on the trip are determined by the mails and conversations you have prior to the trip, and the selections you make during events.

While on vacation, you will enter into "Rest Mode" when the clock turns midnight. In rest mode, your girl lays down in bed beside you, and you're able to communicate with her via the stylus. It also seems that you can wake her up by calling out to her.

In addition to the new vacation feature, you'll find at least three types of new events in LovePlus+:

Visit your girlfriend's house
Your girl may catch a cold as the season changes. You'll be able to visit her at home to make sure she's okay. Of course, you have school yourself, so this can only be done in the evening.
You might get sick yourself. In this case, your girl may come visit you either in the morning or evening.
You and your girl may get into fights. You'll have to know how to react, or you could enrage her even further.

Those who have the original Love Plus will find some special bonus features in LovePlus+. Using a second DS, you can send over your save data from the first LovePlus game. Those who have their relationship level at 5 or above will get an exclusive gallery mode featuring promotional materials from the game. There are other bonuses as well, but this is the only one Konami has revealed so far.

See Famitsu.com for more screens from LovePlus+.

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