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This is why fans aren't allowed to make Love Plus

In your dreams, you dirty old man.


One of the new major features of Love Plus+ is that you can take an overnight trip with your girlfriend. This is done in real time, meaning it's possible to literally spend a full weekend with your digital girl.

Yesterday, Famitsu revealed how the Love Plus+ staff somehow managed to up the creepiness even further. While on your trip, you will apparently crawl into bed with your girlfriend when the clock turns midnight. You're supposed to have intimate conversations with your girl during this time, complete with touchy touchy via the stylus.

The bed scenes look something like this:

Some fans apparently wish it looked like this:

I've never played LovePlus, but I have a feeling Japan's number one girlfriend simulator wouldn't allow for such hanky panky.

Bonus: Your special DSi LL Love Plus units revealed! Konami Style has posted a listing for the Manaka, Rinko and Nene DSi LL units, at last giving us a chance to see all three systems. These are actual DSi LL designs -- not just stickers.

Notice how they're not offering a system with all three girls? That's a clue!

[Seen at Hachimaki, where you'll also find a pic of someone's No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise collection which for some reason consists of six copies of each of the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game.]

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