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Would you pay 10 cents to equip Prinny with a possessed radish?

Nippon Ichi releases possibly the cheapest download content ever.


Prinny 2 gets a sweet piece of download content today. The content is titled "Makai Daikon, Rensha Yousei-san Tsuki." In English, I think this can be translated as "Demon World Raddish, With Turbo Fairy."

Hand over your yens, and you'll take delivery of a Demon World Radish item from cute delivery samurai girl Kaigara. Select this the Demon World Radish item at the start of a stage, and your weapon will turn into an auto-fire radish.

When playing as Prinny, the radish will stay in effect until the end of the stage. When playing as Asagi, equipping other weapons will clear the radish of its power.

At first, it may seem that the best part of this download content is that it gives us artwork of Prinny holding a giant, possessed radish.

But this is actually the best part:

This download content is just ¥10. This is apparently the cheapest price you can charge for paid download content on PlayStation Store.

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