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Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory Update

Create an avatar and explore a town in an original Wii mode.


Following Square Enix's surprise announcement last week of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory, Game Johuou has posted an update containing a few additional details. The site does not list a source, but I'm going to presume it's Jump or a similar publication.

New info includes details on the game's tournament mode. In this Wii-original mode, you aim to become champion in a city called Ryujincho. The mode looks like it will be quite robust, as you can create your own avatar, setting gender, face type, and hair style and color. Using this character, you're able to freely explore Ryujincho and take part in motion control mini games where you use the Wiimote as a sword.

There's also new info on the game's card scanning system. One of the big points about the arcade version is that you can collect and trade physical cards, which are scanned into the unit to build your monster battle party. Square Enix originally said that it would release a paid DSi Ware app that would convert your DSi into a scanner for this very purpose, meaning players would be able to make use of their current arcade card collection. It now seems that a cell phone version of the app will be on offer as well, allowing those without DSi to scan in cards.

Battle Road Victory is due for release this Summer, so we'll hopefully get a first look in the not-too-distant future.

Screens from the arcade version of Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road. Wii screens have not yet been released.

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