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Bayonetta Creator Wants to Be Forced to Make Star Fox at Gun Point

You could say Hideki Kamiya is a fan of Nintendo's 3D shooting series.


In a recent interview with GamesTM, Shigeru Miyamoto seemed to express interest in having a new Star Fox game made. If he's really interested, it looks like there's one acclaimed developer ready for the task.

Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya, director of the critically acclaimed Bayonetta and Okami, had quite a bit to say on this matter at his Twitter when a follower pointed out the interview to him yesterday.

First, he Tweeted: "If they had the team that made Star Fox 64 make it..."

He then followed with: "I want Nintendo's staff to come to Platinum, stick guns at us and tell us 'You guys make a new Star Fox.'"

He went on to offer great praise for Star Fox 64, particular for its scenario and the heated battles.

It looks like Kamiya already got midway through development of his own little Star Fox. As a submission for entering Capcom, he offered two ideas. One involved wolves and ended up being the basis for Okami. The other was a 3D shooting game. However, he was so satisfied with Star Fox 64 that he thought there'd be no need to make a 3D shooter.

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