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This Week's Flying Get

Get the flying on the next Yakuza game, Peace Walker's perfect score, and Last Ranker's release date. Updated throughout the day!

Teaser image from Project K. Famitsu finally offers us a first look.

It's weekly flying get time, where we magically get all the upcoming info from this week's batch of game magazines one or two days before they hit news stands. The info comes from people who manage to get the magazines in advance (a process known in Japanese internet speak as "flying get"). In most cases, I base my summary off the summary that appears at Game Jouhou. Yes, it's a summary of a summary.

In general, I haven't seen the magazine for myself at the time of this story's writing, so I can't vouch for any of the info. Consider it rumor until you read it elsewhere on the site.

Check back throughout the day for updates.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is Perfect

You probably shouldn't care about the numbers Famitsu's reviewers hand out to games. But you do, so here's what they said this week.

Peace Walker got a perfect score. That's a 10, 10, 10 and 10, or 40 if you like to add them up.

Comments included:

  • Single player is consistently thrilling and totally absorbing.
  • During co-op play, while the feeling of tension is reduced because you have friends with you on the mission, the game does manage to create a strong sense of togetherness.
  • The story and cut scenes have a charm, making the game feel like an "evolved" Metal Gear Solid.
  • The Mother Base portion of the game is deep, and it's impossible to stop sending POWs over via balloon. The balloon system will make it so that you won't want to kill enemies -- which is the actual aim of the series.
  • Some of the actions are missing, but the confusion clears once you get used to it.
  • Controls during battle are complex, but you'll get used to it.
  • Menus are well designed and easy to use.

The magazine's review blurb also mentions a 30 to 40 hour play time to clear just the story.

Other scores this month include a 9, 9, 9 and 8 for Super Street Fighter IV (PS3/X360), and a 8, 9, 8 and 8 for Splinter Cell Conviction (X360).

Last Ranker Date Set

The development staff has been hinting that a release date was coming soon for PSP RPG Last Ranker. Famitsu reveals that date to be July 15. Pricing is set at ¥5,990 -- a bit higher than the usual ¥5,040 PSP game price, but normal for a high profile release.

At least it's not coming out on June 24!

The Next Yakuza Game is For PSP

Project K doesn't have a final name yet, but it does seem like it's far along. Famitsu has a five page spread on this next Yakuza series title, complete with an interview with series director Toshihiro Nagoshi. And this isn't like those early Yakuza 4 teaser previews -- this one is full of screenshots!

The big surprise is that the game is in development for PSP. This is a surprise because the series has been an HD thing since Yakuza Kenzan.

Despite the platform change, the game will retain the "DNA" of the Yakuza series, Nagoshi tells the magazine. It will be an action adventure title with a story set in the neon city of Kamurocho -- the same location as past Yakuza games.

There will be some differences from past Yakuza games, though. It looks like the game will have a different form of expression. I'm not sure if this means visual expression, as early leaked images certainly look Yakuza-ish. Additionally, the story will have some differences from past games. Nagoshi seems to want younger audiences to play it.

The main character is that young man who could just be made out in the initial announcement trailer (shared via screenshots at Famitsu.com last month). My reading could be wrong, but his name appears to be Tatsuya Ukyou.

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