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Meet My Wife

Idea Factory has a new type of love sim on the way for lonely Xbox 360 owners.


According to some unconfirmed reports that I haven't actually seen for myself, 83% of Japanese Xbox 360 owners don't have a wife. Idea Factory will be taking the first step to resolve this issue with its latest love simulation, My Wife: A Wife Just For You.

My Wife lets you experience married life with your ideal wife. You create your wife to your liking, then engage in conversation and mini games together, using a calendar to schedule your time.

The game's wife creation utility, referred to as "Heroine Setting" (the target girls in love sims are usually referred to as heroines), lets you set your wife's personality, voice, birth date and name.

After creating your girl, you don't actually start off married. The game begins in "Lover Chapter," which tells the story of your high school meeting with your future wife. Eventually, you'll progress to "Wife Chapter."

Lover Chapter is set in your high school.

The game includes a number of preset personality types, each associated with a preset visual design. Types include:

Childhood Friend Type
A childhood friend who likes to help out and is good at house work and cooking. Blood type AB. Designed by Maruto.
Tsundere Type
Has a cold air about her. Blood type B. Designed by Akira Kasukabe
Older Sister Type
She has warmth and also the charm of an adult. Blood Type A. Designed by Maruto.
Gentle and Natural Type
Does things at her own pace and has a unique outlook on the world. Blood type O. Designed by Akira Kasukabe.
Little Sister Type
Full of energy, but also childish. She calls you "Onichan" (literally "Big Brother"). Blood type B. Designed by Poyoyon Rock.
Older sister type (left) and younger sister type (right).

In the both Lover and Wife chapters, you'll experience a variety of events with your girlfriend or wife. Some of these events see your girl get into swimwear.

The Wife Chapter has special modes like "Dinner Mode" and "Sleep Together Mode." Sleep Together mode puts you in bed with your wife, allowing for close communication.

Sleep Together Mode

You'll also be able to take part in "love love" mini games with your wife. Sample games include a quiz game where you view a quiz show with your wife and attempt to respond to questions, a clothe drying game where you have to dry the clothes that your wife gives to you (taking particular care with her underwear), and a juice drinking game where you share a beverage with your wife.

Idea Factory is also readying download content for the game. The first two pieces of DLC will be alternative voices for the younger sister and cinderella wife types. Fans will be able to participate in surveys to determine what voice actresses are added to the game. Costmes and accessories are also on the way.

My Wife goes on sale in August, priced at ¥7,329.

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