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Sony Offers 250 Gigabyte Hard Drive Upgrades

Get that launch system ready for the coming media flood.

Even older model PS3s can be upgraded.

If you feel limited by your PS3's internal hard drive space, and you're too mechanical shy to tinker with a few screws, Sony has started an upgrade service that could be just what you need.

For ¥18,000, Sony will upgrade your current PS3 to a 250 gigabyte hard drive. The cost includes the hard drive and all labor for swapping the drives and moving over your system software and all content from your current hard drive. Sony will even return the current hard drive to you.

The program works with the following PS3 models:

  • CECHA00 (60GB)
  • CECHB00 (20GB)
  • CECHH00 (40GB)
  • CECHL00 (80GB)
  • CECHQ00 (160GB)
  • CECH-2000A (120GB)

For further details, including a step-by-step guide to placing an order and shipping out your PS3, see Sony's hard drive swap service page.

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