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Gundam Extreme Versus Detailed

Namco Bandai details the cabinet and the mecha for this latest arcade Gundam game.


We haven't heard anything about Gundam Extreme VS since its announcemement at February's AOU arcade show. Today, coinciding with a demo session held with the Japanese press at its home office, Namco Bandai shared first solid details on the game.

One of the main points of note from the AOU announcement was that Extreme VS would be making the move to PlayStation 3-based System 347 arcade hardware. That's not the only hardware update, though. The game will also make use of a "Live Monitor" unit.

The Live Monitor unit sits along side the game's four arcade cabinets. It can be used to display the currently running match along with the arcade's last 100 matches, which are automatically saved. The action can be displayed in four player split screen, from the player's perspective, and via an aerial view.

Players can also use the Live Monitor as a terminal for managing their game data. As previously announced, the game stores data on IC cards. The Live Monitor has a slot for your IC card, allowing you to view and manage your data.

Namco Bandai also shared screens and artwork for three Gundam units that make their Gundam VS series debut with Extreme. Have a look here:

Gundam Astray Red Frame

Cross Bone Gundam X1 Kai

Gundam MS Igloo Zudah

Look for Gundam Extrmee VS in arcades this Fall.

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