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Metal Gear Artwork Highlighted at the Kojima Productions Blog

Art director Yoji Shinkawa provide a sweet piece of Snake art.


Kojima Productions has started up a series of "Artist Relation Notes" at the Kojima Productions Blog.

What is an "Artist Relation Note?" I have no idea, but according to the writer, Kojima Productions artist Yutaka Negishi, the weekly Thursday column will share insights and episodes from the Peace Walker concept, background, character, mechanical, motion and 2D artists.

The first column, expectedly, features Peace Walker art director Yoji Shinkawa.

Instead of insights and episodes, however, Shinkawa shared a sweet piece of Snake artwork.

He apparently drew this to commemorate Peace Walker's release.

We'll let the lack of trivia slide this time because Shinkawa is probably busy now with all the Peace Walker promotions (he's traveling down to Kansai today, then to other parts of Asia next week).

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