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Prototype Plans Akihabara Demo Event

PS3 Clannad to go playable at May event.


Prototype issued notice today about the "Prototype Fan Appreciation Day," a demo event that will take place in Akihabara on May 30.

The event will see playable demos of Prototype's upcoming titles, including Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi De (PSP), Clannad (PS3), Tomoyo After (X360), Gakuen Heaven Okawari (PSP), Hanakisou (PSP) and more.

Outside of the games, the event will also feature a live recording of Natsume Brothers!, a web radio program for the Little Busters series. Attendees will also be able to take part in a raffle by bringing in the instruction manuals of their Prototype games (one raffle try per game).

Prototype has set up a special event page, which comes complete with delicious bits of Engrish. The site will be updated with additional info over the coming weeks. Additionally, those who want to take part in the Natsume Brothers! live recording will need to put their name down there.

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