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Tom and Dick Teach the Basics of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Must see clips from Konami's Metal Gear Solid beginners site.


There's been some controversy surrounding Konami's Hamaru Gear Solid beginners promotional site, mostly centered around the use of Hirokazu Hamamura, CEO of Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, in ads promoting the site.

Whatever you feel about that, there's no denying the entertainment value of the site! Initially, the site had videos showing random people, classified according to type (OLs, school girls, salarymen, etc.) demoing Peace Walker on the street. Coinciding with Peace Walker's release, Konami added some must-see animations detailing Peace Walker's various points of interest.

You can see these videos at the promo site, at the Hamaru Gear YouTube channel, or here.


"A heart massage is effective against a friend who's had his heart broken."

Tom and Dick both vow to confess their love to their girlfriends. Tom goes first but has his heart broken. Dick gives Tom a a heart massage. Tom comes to and says "I was saved because of you." Replies Dick, "I'm your friend, aren't I?" Dick then experiences pretty much the same thing with his girlfriend.

In Peace Walker, you can do a Heart Massage to revive your friends.


"I'm not scared if I'm with you! And friendship level goes up too!?"

Jane is running late. She runs into a sleeping dog on the street and is too scared to pass him. Thankfully, Jeff is there to save the day! He first introduces Jane to Snake In formation. They almost get past the dog, but in order to go all the way Jeff has to make use of his Love Box.

In Peace Walker, you can put your character into Snake Formation to make him automatically follow a friend. You can also get into a box together to sneak past enemies.


"The legendary school staffer whose identity no one knows."

A girl tells her friends about a school staffer who cleaned up her school. No one has ever seen this staffer, and so rumors have spread about him as a "Legendary School Staffer."

This leads to a description of Snake, a "Legendary Hero."


"Challenge difficult topics with four player co-op play."

A student has some problems with a difficult test problem. A fellow student offers to help. Two more offer to help. In the end, they all solve the problem. But the teacher says "Take your test by yourself!"

This leads to a description of Peace Walker's four player component.


"Meat eating girls, get hot guys with fulton balloons."

A girl sees a guy she likes. She sneaks up on him, stuns him, then captures him with a fulton.

In Peace Walker, this is how you capture POWs for your Mother Base facility.

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