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New Characters at the Xenoblade Official Site

Yes, we have our first punch worthy character.


The Xenoblade official site saw a mini update today, providing a glimpse at the four characters who were unveiled in Famitsu earlier in the week.

Visit the character page for a look at the characters. As always, you can select multiple character art and voice samples.

The four characters are:


Race: Homs, Gender: Male, Age: 18, Height: 190cm. A member of the Colony 9 Defense Force and childhood friend of main character Shulk. (In my Famitsu writeup, I mistranslated his description to say he has an angry side.)

In his quotes, he says something like: "Understood... I won't let Shulk get a single injury" and "If you're going to attack, bring it. I'll bust you up."


Race: Homs, Gender: Female, Age: 21, Height: 168cm. A soldier in the Colony 6 Defense Force. She always shows courage and is good with projectile attacks.

In her quotes, she says something like: "It's too early to loose hope!" and "I will not allow it! I will fight until you all fall!"


Race: Hienter, Gender: Female, Age: ???, Height: 156cm. A young girl from the Hienter race, which resides in the head area of the Kyojin part of the world and has an advanced civilization. She's skilled with using ethers for attacks.

In her quotes, she says something like: "If you realize the value of important things after you've lost them, it's too late."


Race: Nopon, Gender: Male, Age: ???, Height: 60cm. A hero of the Nopon merchant race who reside in the forests of the back area of the Kyojin part of the world. His words and movements are extremely childish, but it seems there's a different side to him.

In his quotes, he says says something like: "Hey friends, it's Riki, who was selected as this year's legendary hero." and "What's wrong with everyone. You're all acting strange. Totally strange! Maybe everyone is sad because they're hungry."

These four are all under the "player character" section, which presumably means they'll be a part of your party. There are no more "player character" slots at the site now, but the sub character section has six empty slots.

The site unfortunately does not have a look at the Black Face and Brown Face enemies which were also detailed in Famitsu. They were already shown in trailers, however. If you want background details, see this writeup from the Famitsu article.

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