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New Project Neptune Trailer

Plus, get your first look at the game's bonus goodies.


Compile Hearts gave the Super Dimensional Game Neptune official site an update today, with a fresh new promotional video and a few additional bits.

You can stream the new PV here:

One point of note from the PV. It looks like Compile Hearts isn't particularly shy about all those collaborative characters who are meant to look like characters from other publishers' games. The four such characters who've been introduced so far are Compa-chan, IF-chan, Nippon Ichi-chan and Gust-chan.

Also at the official site is information on some bonus items Compile Hearts will be including with the game. The limited edition will include a soundtrack CD and an ecobag. As a pre-order bonus, buyers will get a 40 page B4 size art book.

Neptune hits on July 29.

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