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Love Plus + Slowly Justifying Need For Four Gigs

Plus, what does Konami's latest love sim have to do with Rumble Roses?


At four gigabits, Love Plus + is going to be one of the two largest DS titles ever when it's released on June 24 (the other, Tokimeki Memorial 3rd Story is due out on the same day). It's slowly becoming clear why the game needs more space than its two gigabit predecessor.

Famitsu and its online counterpart Famitsu.com have shared an update on the kind of content you can expect to find in Love Plus +.

In the game's updated Love Plus Mode, where you communicate in real time with your girl, you have access to a brand new mini game. Joining the paper-rock-scissors of the original Love Plus, you'll find a version of Konami's 1994 arcade puzzle classic Taisen Puzzle Dama.

The Love Plus + version of the falling blocks puzzle game is titled Moero! Taisen Puzzle Dama. You can choose to play as your girlfriend or one of four other classic Konami babes: Dixie Clemets from Rumble Roses, Mimi & Nyami from Pop 'n Music (Mimi is for when you play as the character, Nyami is when the character appears as your foe), Sharon from Quiz Magic Academy 7, and Medea, also from Quiz Magic Academy 7. As you clear pieces, SD versions of the girls perform a variety of actions on the top screen.

This puzzle bonus game is initially locked away. To unlock it, you'll have to progress a certain ways through the game. Players who have save data from the original Love Plus will have immediate access.

Do you recognize these characters?

Other features of Love Plus Mode include:

Love Fitness
You and your girlfriend can get in a work out through stretching, pushups and situps. What will your girl do after a sweaty workout? (The Famitsu story asks this question.)
Remaining Battery Alert [dd]When your DS's battery is about to run out, your girlfriend will appear and warn you.[/dd]

Also new for Love Plus + is a unique form of download content through Nintendo's DS Station retail kiosks. Access DS Station units throughout Japan, and you'll be able to download locally-themed character cards.

It's possible to get the same character card in different regions. Do this, and your character card will level up, leading to new actions. For instance, level a card up to level 2, and the character will show off special actions. Level it up to 3, and the character will read the card text to you.

What other secrets await in this update (not sequel!) to the original Love Plus? Virtual boyfriends throughout Japan will find out in about a month.

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