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Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Frontier Player Count

Closed beta gets more players than most full retail Xbox 360 gamers.

Xbox 360 owners appear to be hyped for Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Frontier may be coming to Japan's weakest console, but hunters seem to not mind the choice of platform.

The game's closed beta test began yesterday (5/13) at 16:00. At 23:00 that night, seven hours after the start of the test, the number of simultaneously connected players was 21,595!

Capcom shared that figure today along with some other play stats.

The 21,595 is just the number of people who were connected at the 23:00 mark. Total player count for the closed beta thus far has reached 51,455.

Based off the current usage stats, Capcom estimates that in the end, the closed beta test will see participation by 180,000 to 200,000 players.

If that many people go out and buy the game, Monster Hunter Frontier would become one of the 360's top selling titles -- certainly at the level of a Tales of Vesperia or Blue Dragon.

Those who are interested in taking part in the closed beta test can still do so. Visit the Frontier official site for (Japanese language) procedures.

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