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Guess The Battle System In These Super Dimensional Game Neptune Screens

Compile Hearts gives us a first look at combat but forgets to share the details.


If you were twiddling your fingers in anticipation of a third Super Dimensional Game Neptune trailer today, you're going to have to keep twiddling. Compile Hearts updated the game's official site not with a new movie, but with just a handful of screenshots.

These aren't just any screenshots, though. They show the game's battle system.

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So what's going on in these shots? Unless you're a Compile Hearts employee, your guess is as good as anyone's. We've yet to be given official details on the combat system.

The screens show Green Heart, Black Heart and White Heart facing off giant baddies with such names as Abababan and Giant Buffalo. It looks like the three goddesses form your battle party. They appear to be placed on a common timeline with the enemy. Based off the panel in the lower right, it looks like you can toggle between different weapons via the shoulder buttons.

Compile Hearts will hopefully help out here by sharing details on the game's battle system shortly.

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